In the early 1950’s and 1960’s the UK saw an increase in the number of Indians settling in the UK leaving their families and homes behind, which often includes properties and land. Due to the high number of Indians now settled and living in the UK they are referred to as Non Residential Indians (NRI’s). A high number of NRI’s may be unsure what property or land they are or could be entitled to, being first, second and third generation and therefore not aware of the Indian Law or procedures.

It is often the case that land and property in India is looked after by a relative or friend and whilst in their possession, this makes it difficult for any NRI to manage this effectively.

It can be difficult for an NRI to liaise with the Indian authorities due to lack of knowledge, connections and time constraints. Coupled with being unable to travel or stay in India for a long period of time and coupled with possible corruption, it can be a frustrating and expensive process.

Many issues affect NRI’s

  • Uncertainty around what land or property they are entitled to, including the location, size and value
  • Ensuring the transfer of land or property is properly conducted in the name of the NRI
  • Danger that their share may be sold or controlled by another if the property is jointly owned
  • Fraudulent sale of land or property
  • Issues and problems with tenants in India
  • Passing of property or land under a Will or even when there is no Will in place
  • Clarification on how to sell or purchase property or land in India

How we can help

Our tailor made service is designed to address these issues on your behalf. Through our association with specialist Advocates in India we offer a transparent service and whilst taking your instructions in the UK we will keep you updated with the progress of your case without you having to go to India. We will help you with your land and property issues and advise you of the next steps to ensure you have a full understanding of your matter and peace of mind.


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