Adoption is an extremely specialised field where our attention to detail is second to none. Our adoption specialists at Hatten Wyatt will support and assist you through the entirety of the process, offering an understanding yet realistic approach to guide you towards your ultimate end goal. At Hatten Wyatt we will talk through each step of the procedure with you, and will liaise with social workers and other professionals that may become involved to ensure that matters progress as swiftly as possible.

At Hatten Wyatt our team can assist in representing parents, children, relatives and adopters. Legal Aid is generally not available. Please contact us today to arrange an appointment with one of our Family Team to see how we can help you.


Having a child in the correct care is of paramount importance, and unfortunately sometimes this is not always as straightforward as it seems. At Hatten Wyatt we are able to talk to parents with difficulties as well as social workers or other professionals that may be involved if a dispute is in place. We will negotiate at meetings and where necessary argue the case in Court to make sure that there is a fair hearing as the Human Right Act expects.

Solicitors at Hatten Wyatt will accept Court Appointments to look after the interests of children. Hatten Wyatt have accredited specialists in Child Law, representing parents, children, relatives and adopters. Hatten Wyatt holds a Legal Aid Franchise in respect of family work. Please contact us to see whether your case may be eligible for public funding.

Contact and Residency following Relationship Breakdown

Upon the breakdown of a relationship, important decisions will need to be made by the couple such as where the children of the family should reside, how and when they will see the other parent, and how birthday’s, holidays and special occasions are managed etc. Sometimes it can be difficult to make balanced decisions without assistance and advice, and so if an agreement cannot be reached independently, let us see how we can help you.

Upon taking initial instructions from you, Hatten Wyatt will assess your situation and discuss the various options available to you to resolve the dispute. We always offer the option of mediation with a third party supplier, and we do attempt to enter into discussions on your behalf if required with the other party, to reach an agreement in respect of issues regarding residence and contact. Hatten Wyatt offer a first class service and regularly collaborate with leading Barristers in the Family Sector to ensure that you are provided with the expert advice and representation you require. We also have solicitors who specialise in Public Law children matters and we can represent the Mother, Father or the Children via their appointed Guardian.

In the event that mediation and negotiations are unsuccessful we will then discuss with you the option of issuing an application at court so that the dispute can be resolved by way of a Court Order.


With an increasing number of family breakdowns, you may find yourself in need of a solicitor’s advice. At Hatten Wyatt, our family lawyers include specialists who are advanced members of The Law Society Family Law Panel and are skilled in assisting clients to work through their issues.

We believe that the sooner you speak to us the more help that we can be. The legal process can often add to the stress of a breakdown but our skilled family solicitors always try to minimise disagreement and encourage at least an amicable working relationship between the partners for their own benefit and that of their children if applicable. If mediation is judged to be a realistic alternative, we will advise and support you throughout the process.

Hatten Wyatt can advise you on the following issues:


  • married/co-habiting couples
  • same sex relationships

Financial & property arrangements

  • your family home
  • sharing pensions rights
  • family/business assets
  • maintenance agreement
  • enforcing your rights


  • advising on suitability of mediation
  • advice/support during mediation

Domestic violence

  • immediate advice/finding a place of safety
  • injunctions/Family Law Act matters
  • arrest and enforcement


  • contact and residence arrangements

Hatten Wyatt holds a Legal Aid Franchise in respect of family work. Please contact us to see whether you would be eligible for public funding


It is often difficult for couples to talk to each other when relationships break down. Hatten Wyatt Family Mediators aim to help get couples talking again to reach an agreement on the issues arising out of their separation without the use of courts. We will not tell you what to do but are there to help you reach your own solutions concerning all aspects of your separation or divorce including children, finances, property or any other issues.

Our wealth of skills and experience in Family Mediation and conflict resolution ensures the impartial advice provided is right for couples during what we appreciate is an emotional and stressful time. Mediation puts couples in control of the process within an environment where both parties can voice their opinions. The outcome of the dispute is decided by the couple rather than the court and couples are free to talk and discuss all the options available.

As experienced family lawyers we can give legal information to the couple throughout the process which will help them make decisions. Options for settlement are put forward and considered to see if they would work in practice. Once proposals are agreed, we will prepare a Memorandum of Understanding to show the decisions reached and at the end of the process couples will take their proposals to their solicitors to complete the legal formalities.


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