Hatten Wyatt is one of the few remaining legal practices in Gravesend retaining the skills of Criminal Legal Practitioners. At Hatten Wyatt We can represent clients if they are being interviewed by under caution such as at their home or even at the local civic centre when they are questioned in respect of benefit fraud by Council officers. Our solicitors make sure that your rights are respected and the legal procedures are explained to you as well as discussing the possible next steps for you.

Whether or not you have been involved with the Police before, being arrested is a traumatic experience, so we ensure our solicitors treat all clients equally, whatever the nature or seriousness of the alleged crime. We do not make judgements about you or the offence you are charged with - we are used to being called upon at short notice but always encourage clients to talk to us at the earliest opportunity.

It is in your interest to carefully consider proceeding to an interview without legal representation. Hatten Wyatt have experienced solicitors and even if we do not represent you - you can still request for us to deal with your matter. Undertaking an interview without legal representation could prejudice your position.

Hatten Wyatt holds a Legal Aid Franchise in respect of crime, if you are arrested or asked to attend an interview under caution contact us or inform the Police that you want the services of Hatten Wyatt, our attendance will be free. Please contact us to see whether you would be eligible for public funding for matters proceeding to court.


Hatten Wyatt provides a personal service to private individuals and their families wishing to visit, live and/or work including providing advice to UK companies seeking to employ foreign nationals. We can advise on the many aspects of immigration and nationality law as they affect you in the context of your family or business. Whether you are planning to study, work or join your family in the UK, we can advise you on the likelihood of achieving your goal and guide you through the process.

We can advise on:

  • Working and training in the UK
  • Business investor/innovator applications
  • Sole representative visas
  • Bringing a spouse to the UK
  • Highly skilled migrants programme
  • Studying in the UK
  • Permanent residency/British nationality
  • Alleged illegal entry

All other types of applications under UK immigration and nationality law

We have multilingual solicitors, speaking a variety of languages including Punjabi.

For an initial assessment of your case contact us today on 01474 351199 during the office hours of 9am – 5.30pm

Motoring Offences

The number of drivers being prosecuted for motoring offences is ever increasing; as technology improves the police are finding it easier to prosecute. A conviction on a motoring offence, could lead to the loss of liberty, loss of a job and the financial hardship that could follow for the individual and their family.

If you have been charged with a motoring offence, take legal advice before you do anything else. Our specialist team can advise your on your legal position, discuss with you any potential defences and advise you whether technical evidence needs to be gathered in support of your defence.

If you have legal expenses insurance and it covers motoring expenses, then you are entitled to instruct a solicitor of your choice, as opposed to a panel solicitor who may not have the necessary expertise in motoring offences. If we are instructed through your legal expenses insurance, your insurers shall be responsible for our fees.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss your matter further

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