As all businesses work to budgets, unforeseen legal costs can be a difficult situation to manage. The ability to budget your legal spend each year and to know that you have legal expenses insurance if you find yourself in a time of need can give the peace of mind required to deal with the situation in a calm and controlled manner.

At Hatten Wyatt we are proud to offer the Complete Legal Care scheme, which enables business to budget their legal spend depending on the size of their organisation and their anticipated legal needs.

Unlike most legal subscription services, ours is not just limited to employment matters but also includes:

  • Property Protection
  • Contract Disputes & Litigation Disputes
  • Compliance & Regulation
  • Tax Protection
  • Debt Recovery
  • Employee Protection

As a business you decide how many legal hours of advice you wish to subscribe to per month, and subject to insurance underwriting the monthly subscription includes legal expenses insurance in your favour. Subject to your continuance of the subscription and following our advice, in any employment tribunal matter the insurance will pay for your legal costs (excluding the subscription costs) and any award made against you by the tribunal. As with any insurance some exclusions will apply.

We have a dedicated phone number for Complete Legal Care, 01474 335510

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